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Stock Market Basics For Beginners / Investing Money / Research

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Stock Market Basics For Beginners / Investing     Money / Research

Knowing where to start investing in the stock market is something every one needs to know the basics.

So here is some information on investing in stocks market basics for beginners.

Investing Research

Proper research should always be done before investing in anything.

Here are some sites you should check out to get your research started.

Investopedia is a stock investing site for nearly anything and everything.

From here you can look up definitions of words you are unfamiliar with.

You can also use their stock simulator to see how much a stock gains or loses over time. 

Researching  stocks by name or symbol  you can  get quite a bit of information about a potential investment.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper has been a supplier of information and research for investors for years.

With the shift from print recently the online version still delivers great information just like it’s print predecessor.

There are some valuable resources for investing information here so research away.

Yahoo! Finance is also a good free resource and by that we mean stick to the free stuff here.

There are a ton company reports which you have to pay for.

It really is a great resource and has a lot of information and news.


Investing Strategy

As a beginner it is wise to view investments as something to be started small and then grown.

Treat your investments like you are running a business.

Getting to understand your profits and losses as well as the companies in which you are investing.

This is the best way to approach stocks market basics for beginners in my opinion.

Once you train yourself to approach it this way it makes the whole process so much easier. 

Just ask yourself before every purchase you make if it can make you money.

Think clearly on it and when you have an answer you can choose a clear course of action.

Try to apply this in every day life as well. It  will definitely change some of your impulse spending.

 Gecko Software has been working on this cool new software for some time now.

It predicts future stock prices take a look!

Startup Capital

Any extra money you have available each month after paying your bills can be invested.

Investing your surplus money is riskier than just saving so starting small is suggested.

As a beginner set up a cash account, not a margin account. It usually takes anywhere from $500 to $1,000 to get started.

Make sure you start with money you can afford to lose or surplus money.

Now I am not saying you should expect to lose money.

Investments can receive huge gains  in the beginning.

Just remember there are no sure things and no one can be hundred percent sure of anything.

That is why there is risk and the reason you want to start with surplus funds.

Try to avoid the riskier types of investments like, futures, options, and foreign stocks when starting out as well.


Stock Investing Goals-01

Whether you are saving for retirement, for future college tuition, to buy a home or property.

Or just securing assets to leave to your beneficiaries you need to have goals.

Before you invest, know your purpose and the time you may need the funds by. 

If you are likely to need your investment capital within a few years consider another investment.

The stock market  provides no certainty and is not  the place to make quick money.

Knowing how much capital you will need and when you will need it.

You can calculate how much you need to invest and what kind of return on your investment that is needed.

That is really the goal you set and are trying to reach.

Investing regularly and avoiding unnecessary financial risk you can start to let your money work for you.

Doing this over a period of several years is a good way to see significant gains in your investments.

Which again should be the goal you set and are reaching for.


Foundations – Beginner Stock Market Trading Course

Hopefully you find this stocks market basics for beginners information helpful .

We strongly suggest the Robin hood app for free trading once you are ready to start investing.

Written by Josh Wilson

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