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Starting A Marketing Business With No Experience

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ideas that make money
Ideas How To Make Money

Building Your Very First Website

Starting a marketing business with no experience can be a challenge but with dedication and persistence the battle is won.

Owning a website that is setup nicely where people feel a trust and willing to give you a chance is the goal.

A successful website can generate some pretty good income,  there are website owners that make thousands per day on auto pilot.

I will be showing you just some of the tricks they use to make that type of money.

Here are some very important steps to take building a successful website.

Starting A Marketing Business With No Experience 3

Buying A Domain

What is the websites “domain” it’s the address of the site. (

There is lots of talk about the domain name if  it should have keywords in it is and if it really makes a difference, my opinion it does.

As the site starts to rank it will start to become a authority website and that’s when it starts to rank in its proper placing.

It’s  important for the future forecast of the sites ranking,  so my theory is yes and no.

As long as there is there is activity like consent posting of new blogs and some traffic then there is a good chance that the site will rank in the keywords.

Why Yes

All my websites have keywords imbedded in them for example (ideas how to make money or seo ranking website, haveing keywords making it easier to rank in the topic that I’m ranking on.

Why No

If your looking to brand your site for example (Amazon or eBay)  this can also be a  benefit because of the simplicity of the name.

Branding can be some what of a challenged and can take time to get the word out for people to notice.

Buying a Domain   

When buying a domain try buying one from a provider that has a good background, has good reviews and 24/7 hour support.

Godaddy has been around for a very long time and has great reviews.  I only purchase my websites domain with Godaddy.

I find that Godaddy give lots of options for site building and lots of high traffic add-ons.

Host Gator is also one of the top hosting providers that is highly recommended and trustworthy.

When building a money making website its a good idea to buy the best.

(NOTE:) I only purchase the domain and not the hosting.

Why Only Buy Hosting?

Learning the hard way building a website with the proper tools  and plug-ins can be very costly.

Here Are Ideas How To Create A Successful Money Making WordPress Website:

  • Premium Web Hosting :  Build of the website to its fullest potential.
  • Auto E-mail Responder: This will give you a chance to email your audience or subscribers.
  • Splash Pages:  Mini websites that work great for back links and advertising
  • Auto Rotator:  Rotating website links.
  • Amazing Training: Training how to setup your site on E-book or video.
  • Software: Tools that can be added on to a website.
  • Banner & text Advertising: Working like a back-link and free advertising of produces/ program.
  • Cost Sufficient: This can run-up into that hundreds but I was lucky enough to find AIOP.
  • 24 Hour Support!

Highly Recommend All In One Profits

AIOP gives me all the tools that are on the list above and only $10.00  per month.

Starting A Marketing Business With No Experience 4

AIOP gives great Ideas How To Create A Money Making WordPress Website even if you don’t know how to build a site or have products to sale.

All In One Profits is not only great for website developer’s but also for professional web designer’s that are looking to build an amazing amount of profits.

Ideas What To Advertise On A Website

This is where things get amazing

Anything can be advertised!

I just bout a website called How To get Rid Of Diabetes and thanks to the training the website will be in front page within 30 to 60 day.

Once the website ranks I’ll will be able to sell E-books thru the site showing people how to get rid of their Diabetes thru proven all natural ways.

Because I own the name I will be ranking in that category or keywords world wide.

I’m forecasting about 10,000 to 30,000 click per month and if only 10% buy anything that around 1,000 to 3,000 sale per month.

I can roughly make $10.00 per sale that rounds about $10,000 to $30,000 per month.

The Money Is In The List

This is a very important key to a successful website.

When you have people sign up to your email list you will be able to advertise programs for profits, show your products or ideas, and have a returning customer to your website.

If you where to have a list of over 100,000 people and where to show them of a new product and 20% where to buy with a profit of $20.00 that would put you at $400,000.00 from that one email!

That’s what I call power,  with a successful website that is ranking and getting traffic that shouldn’t be to hard to do per week.

Is there profits in building a website?

Yes there is lots of money to be made, one of my favorite ways to make money is ClickBank.

You can go on YouTube and see thousands of videos people make $20,000.00 and more per month on affiliate sales.

Beware most of them are going to try to sale you a product.

There is lots of money to be made but if it  was that easy everybody would be rich.

Steps To Success As An Affiliate 

To build success starting a marketing business with no experience your going to need leverage.

  • Amazing Looking
  •  Great Content
  • Auto Responder

Amazing looking will show your audience that your site is trust worthy and organized.

Thru the years I have learned many other tricks to help get me ranking and if you would like to learn more on Starting A Marketing Business With No Experience.

 Great Content will help you get ranked in the search engines bringing you more traffic.

Auto responder is very important!  You will need a place where people will signup to your auto responder so every week you can show new products they mite be interested.

Thank You For Reading on how starting a marketing business with no experience, this is Eric Boeckh Signing Out!

Ideas How To Make Money

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