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There Is Only One Way For Success “Good Training and Hard Work!”

College Side Hustles

I’m going to be talking about how you can
make a steady income with your own website, now  building a website can be challenging if you don’t have any direction.

I’m going to be giving you step-by-step instructions that most people don’t know and slowly progress into a wealth.

You would think building a website to be difficult or expensive, we’re going to simplify it as much as possible but you need to be very persistent.

I like using for a building all my websites.

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They provide me all the tools and trainings to needed to set up my website the right way for only $10 per month.

I would highly recommend for you to join and set up your website through there hosting server.

I like buying my domains through GoDaddy but if you choose to go somewhere else as long as you own the domain. Make sure you buy a good domain that has the key words of your niche.

If I’m going to be selling shoes for example I would try to buy a domain,, or

Always try to buy a domain with a .com it ranks better on search engines and people feel more comfortable with .com

That does it for this chapter on setting up your website.  

Next I’ll be talking about setting up your website what pages to put on and how to start writing your post for high traffic make a steady income .

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Thank you for reading to the next page have a great night Eric Boeckh.

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