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Junkyard Millionaire

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make money junkyard

Learn how to make money at the junkyard

The Junk yard Near Me Is a goldmine

Junkyard Millionaire

Thousands of parts waiting for the picking.

Owning a car is a must for most households getting around for those daily chores. 

Going to work, taking the kids school even vacations with the family cars are needed.

Learn how to make money at the junkyard.

Junkyard Millionaire 2

Cheap Car Parts

JunkYard Millionaire IdeasEvery car is going to break down one way or another and your going to need cheap car part.

Maybe you accidentally hit a pole or bumped the car in front of you and don’t have full coverage insurance.

Getting it fixed is not cheap so your going to look for places where to buy parts like a Junkyard.

California in 2013 had a reported 156,909 injury collisions that resulted in 223,128 individuals sustaining an injury.

Accidents could cost you some serious money.

Try repairing their vehicles the cheapest route but nothing beats the junkyard near me.

The salvage yard has thousands of parts to pick from saving lots of money.

Some time ago I went to the store for some bread and eggs, I noticed a parking spot up front.

Normally I don’t like parking up front because most people fighting for those spots making it a greater chance to get hit.

Once done I came outside and found my car with the really big dent on the front fender.

I was pissed off looking to catch the guy who hit me so I can get Bruce Lee on him.Bruce Lee fighting Kick To The Face

Asking the guy parked next to me  if he saw anything “I don’t know nothing”.

Went home showing my wife the dent and having her get pissed off also.

Thinking on either calling the insurance company and having my Insurance go up or fixing it myself.

Online a fender would have cost me $280 or junkyard near me cost $60 so do the math I saved $220.

As I fixed the car with salvaged parts and started thinking heck everybody gets in a wreck so what if I were to pull more parts from the junk yard near me and sell them online.

eBay I could make a killing on fenders or other parts.

Junkyard Millionaire – Game Plan

I decided to go back to the junkyard near me and pull more parts that I knew were prone to break on a front end collision.

Parts like  bumpers, grills , lights and emblems.

To my surprise the stuff was selling like hot cakes on eBay.

This is when I started thinking man! a person can become a junkyard millionaire if I where to do this as a full-time job.

Yes you can do it on the side and still make quite a bit of money but as a full-time job you can schedule your own work days and work hours per project.

You are your own boss and you choose what you think will sell and where sell.

Just imagine you pick up one Fender from the junk yard for $50 and sell it for $300 that’s $250.

 A set of headlight that you paid $40 sells for $240 bucks that’s $200.

If you where able to do this everyday and post them on eBay, the parts will start selling and money starts rolling.

To do this all you really need is a good set of tools and some know how to take it make this work.

The potential of making money is endless with my junkyard millionaire plan all you need to do is think about what to sell and just do it.

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I want to thank you for reading my posts this is Eric Boeckh signing out…

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