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Ideas How To Make Money

Start A Way To Profit In Your Neighborhood

Starting A Business

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Here Are Some Ideas How To Make Money Starting A Business

What Is The Right Business License To Pick?

For me I decided to open a c-corporation for a painting company with a contractors license.Starting A Business 3

The cost to do this was roughly around $15,000 after licensing, corporation, bond and insurances.

If I would of done it again I would’ve  gone with a handy mans license instead with a LLC (Limited Liability Company) business license.

It cost less and allows you plenty of options to work with.

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When getting ready to start building a business it Good Practice to start small and work your way big.

Two reasons why:

  1. Your not over extending your self,  learn what it takes to own a company.
  2. As profits begin rolling in you can build yourself up to something bigger.

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Handy  Man License


Services that fall under a handyman can be:

Carpet Cleaning, Pool cleaning, garage door repair, small painting jobs, ceiling fans, home repairs,  pest control, small pluming repairs, and gardening and landscaping.

A handyman license is a LLC and is considered the cheapest and easiest to run.

The downfall is if something goes wrong you as a owner are liable and can be sued personally.

More great ideas how to make money starting a business are renting a small shop with an LLC. and offer a service that’s on demand.


Ideas How To Make Money With E-cigs Products

People are looking for ways to quit smoking, start selling E-cigs.

This is a great way to help people quit smoking and make a profit also.

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Ideas How To Make Money selling Hobby Store

Kid big or small love toys and there is nothing better then a hobby store that offers new ideas that can’t be found in town.

I like looking and trying out stuff before I buy so a hobby store is the fist place a go to see what’s good for holiday’s or a birthday present.

Ideas How To Start a Business Fixing Cellphone/ Tablet


I have been there before, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen.

I went online to see how much a screen would cost and watched YouTube videos to see how hard it is to fix.

It was around $27.00 for the screen and a lot of patience.

I decided to pay someone to fix it instead, I happily paid $120.00 to do it for me.

It took the guy about 1 hour to fix and he even  gave me a 30 day warranty.

Starting A Business As A Dog Sitter 

This is truly the easiest and fastest way to make money from home.

All you need to do is put out an ad for  a Doggie Sitter on your local Craigslist and bam! your in business.

People pay $50 to $80 depending on the services offered to watch their dogs.

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Ideas How To Make Money

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Ideas How To Make Money

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