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Ideas How To Make Money

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45 Ideas how To Make Money with photography
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Starting A Business

#1 Starting a business for yourself may seem risky and unfathomable to some but to others they would never dream of being simply an employee.

Besides it is still your best chance at sustainable wealth and being in control of your financial destiny.

Start off small for example a party rental supplier wouldn’t be a bad idea.

There are risks involved yet the rewards make some risks worth taking.

Start up capital is almost likely going to be the biggest hurdle starting a business.

Now with crowd-sourcing and small business loans becoming easier to obtain starting your business is easier than in years past.

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About Starting A Business

Affiliate Marketing

#2 Affiliate marketing is a rising tide of opportunity and effort.

There are numerous sites with affiliate programs, all you need is a place to add links.

45 ideas how to make money in your hand
Sell on eBay , Amazon or on your own website!

It can be a web page, blog, or even social media sites.

Many view it as the single easiest way to make money on the internet.

If you can generate enough traffic the sky really does seem to be the limit and you can generate real sustainable income.

It really is a passive earner to make money in your sleep but you have to put in work to generate traffic.

Here is more information on how you can build a website and start making money with affiliate programs.

Rideshare apps

#3 With the rise of Uber and Lyft becoming a freelance driver is easier than ever.

All you need is a newer model car and car insurance as well as a fire extinguisher and other company specific requirements.45 ideas how to make money Uber Driver

Some drivers who started part time are able to do it full time with a clientele of regulars.

You can even work for more than one company has a rideshare driver and the amount of money you can make is dependent on how many rides you can do.


#4 YouTube has been sharing ad dollars with posters whose channels meet certain criteria.

Which is on an internal review basis for original content for every 10,000 views currently.

There are several YouTubers making millions simply by posting original video content or blogging with no equipment other than a microphone and webcam.

Now days competition is stiff and there are videos for almost everything you can think of.

If you have a great personality or have knowledge then try sharing it on the camera.

You might be able to turn that into a great financial opportunity for little effort and cost.

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Stock Market

#5 Wolves of Wall Street are slowly fading with the power and accessibility of the internet anyone can be their own broker.45 ideas how to make money stock exchange

Purchase what you believe in or just follow your gut just invest wisely and diversify your portfolio in the stock market.

Do your own homework and look at trends of the past some sites now show you how their own investors are investing and you can just piggyback their stock market moves.

There is so much information available now thanks to the internet just make sure you trust the source and beware of false information and fake news.

Remember insider trading is illegal but sometimes you can see trends coming without an insider tip.

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On The-stock market on what you need to know.


#6 The next big thing in investing we all know about Bitcoin by now and it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon.

You will see several different forms of currency as the possibilities are endless.

Just do your research and never invest what you can not afford to lose.45 ideas how to make money stock exchange free bitcoin

People really seem to be divided on  cryptocurrency.

Some people believe it is the money of the future while others believe it is a pyramid scheme.

Those are some pretty dramatic splits and you either believe in it or you don’t.

Just don’t take out a second mortgage to get in or get too down when it drops 20% in a day regression is normal in most investments just be patient and set goals as with any other investment.

When buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrency use trusted sites always .

If you want to learn more about making money with Bitcoin.

Read More… Check out this article!

Multi Level Marketing

#7 Multi level marketing “MLM” for short I know you are thinking scam but it is not a “pyramid” scheme which is illegal because a product is actually sold.

Through the use of marketing and networking a product’s gets sold.

The person who sold that product gets commission’s then person who hired or recruited that seller also gets a commission in the cycle as well.

This allows you to build clientele and also recruit people to sell under them as well.

People are using social media to get their friends, family and co-workers involved are able to make a an extra income, some are even making a really good living at that.

Web Site Design

#8 Building websites and creating content is time consuming a lot of small business owners simply don’t have the time or the know how to even start.

Although there are plenty of options you can still make a living building websites and pages for small business and make a living.

You can create pages and sites still relatively inexpensive.

Websites can be maintain monthly for a fee or annually for a fee and build clientele that way.

You can also do one time builds for a flat rate and turn the site over to the business.

Photography Biz

#9 They say pictures are worth a thousand words but I call it ideas how to make money.45 Ideas how To Make Money Building websites

If you own a decent camera you can easily put some money in your pocket.

You can get freelance work for wedding and engagement photos as well as real estate agents that need photos of properties.

If you’re really talented magazine and website’s are always looking for photos so make a portfolio and shop it around.

Currently with the quality of smartphone cameras you are likely to never miss a photo opportunity.

Landscapes also make for great picture opportunities that are always in demand for web content and publications. has been helping entrepreneurs turn pictures into money.

Giving the ability to show off your skills to the world and getting paid for sharing your work.

Selling On eBay 

#10 Everyone has something stored away or lying around that is just taking up space you can sell it on eBay.45 Ideas how To Make Money with eBay

There are users who have a storefront online only and are able to make a living selling on eBay.

They do charge a commission on items sold but has a seller most listings are free to list.

Packaging and shipping are the main costs starting a business with eBay.

There is a shipping discount given for printing labels from eBay.

Always take advantage of priority mail when the cost is similar because it is insured and it is faster as well.

Package your items safely and securely and try to avoid returns.

The return policy eBay has in place heavily favors the buyer so make sure your item descriptions and pictures of your listing are accurate.

What To Have A eBay Empire – The Best Things to Sell on eBay Click Here and Read How…

Painting Home 

#11  Most people for some reason or another do not like to paint.

It is not very difficult and supplies and tools are relatively inexpensive.

Painting is a great way to make money either on the side or as a full-time career or has your own business.

Interior painting requires some prep work and maybe some furniture moving whereas exterior painting you still have to prep windows and other surfaces that are not to be painted.

Common materials needed are painter’s tape, roller skins and frames, paint sprayer, rags, and various brushes.

If your interested in starting a painting business and looking for more information I will give my recommendations and how I open my painting company read here.


#12 People who own homes usually work full-time most people are to busy or just do not want to deal with yard work.

Mowing lawns, pulling weeds, trimming trees, and fixing broken sprinklers are things you can do around your neighborhood for cash that most people just don’t want to do themselves.

If you own a lawn mower, trailer, weed trimmer, band pump sprayer load up your tools and start your own landscaping business.

Part time job

#13 A part time second job is not the easiest way to make money but sometimes it is the only way you can.45 ideas how to make money part time job

Try to find something you enjoy doing and make it feel less like work like  getting a job at the zoo.

This will help with the time away from your family.

Taking on a second job is a great way to make money and chance to network yourself outside of your normal circumstances.

For example aspiring actors and writers take jobs where they have access to Hollywood executives.

If there is a field you are trying to breakthrough in try getting a part time job where you can access influential people in that field.

Switching jobs

#14 The easiest way to make more money is to get paid more for the time you are at work.45 ideas how to make money stock exchange Clown Side Job

Always keep your resume up to date and always be on the lookout for higher paying jobs in your field.

You never know what is out there until you look so check as often as weekly or biweekly.

A new career can set you on a path toward the money you have been missing.

Window cleaning

#15 A Lot of homeowners and businesses clean the inside of their windows but never think about the outside.

That leaves opportunity for anyone willing to get out there and see if they need them cleaned by a professional.

Low supply and tool cost gives you a good profit on jobs you complete.

Etsy Arts and crafts

#16 Arts and crafts and other handmade items such as quilts, stuffed animals, and figures can be sold through Etsy to make cash.

Etsy is like eBay for arts and crafts items and you can create your own storefront and supply it with your arts and crafts and sell away.

If your good with computer graphic’s you can show off your artwork on and get paid (Cup Of Coffee) from visitor that can download or view your work.

Storage unit auctions

#17 There was a time when this was a little known gold mine with the popularity of the television shows on storage auctions there is a a lot more bidders but still money can be made.

Storage units are auctioned off when the renter fails to pay for their rental.

These units are filled with randomness and you are never allowed to step in the space just look from the outside.

With a good eye you can still find collectible treasures as well as fine art and antiquities that are rare and valuable.

Vending machines

#18 Most people either do not pack a lunch for work or maybe just need a snack or a drink.

Vending machines can set at any place of business or pretty much anywhere there are people.

They can be found for a decent price and filled with anything you think will sell for a profit.

Machines are easy to fill and you can usually check bi weekly depending on how often they are used for restocking and retrieval.

Car detailing

#19  A great way to make money is to wash, wax and clean the interior of cars.45 ideas how to make money car detailing

All you really need is water and a vacuum and some towels and you can be successful.

Try approaching a business with a large parking lot and wash cars for the employees while they work.

If you were to purchase a trailer with a pressure washer and you have yourself a mobile business that you can take anywhere.

Delivery driver

#20 From pizza to Amazon delivery drivers are always in demand and some even tip.

Food delivery is a great way to get money fast especially cash from tips having cash on hand is a nice reward for your time and effort.

Some companies will pay for mileage as well as an hourly base salary.

Amazon is letting locals deliver packages from their own vehicles

Thrift shopping

#21  Some thrift stores get new items donated and sometimes they get antique and collectables.

You can always check your local thrift shops for treasures and resell them for a profit.

Sports Gambling

#22  Casino’s hold a house advantage over most facets of action that you can place a wager on sports gambling is where that margin is probably the slimiest.45 Ideas How To Make Money Gambling

Of course there is a point spread to try to make their advantage bigger but with straight bets you can make a large profit.

Gambling is a gamble and there’s no such thing as sure winner.

As long as you are winning over 60 percent of your bets you are making a profit.

Read More Never Lose at Sports Betting or Gambling Click Here…

Handyman Service

#23  If you have some basic hand tools you got a head start on some minimal tasks for cash.

We all have neighbors most of them need stuff done that they don’t know how or have the time to do.

You can make good money doing simple home repairs for your neighborhood.

If you get serious or lots of clients get licensed and go at it full time.

Saving Interest

#24 Rich people can sustain wealth and live comfortably sometimes on interest alone.

We don’t all have millions of dollars lying around but even a savings account produces some interest.

So why do most people still keep their money in their checking account?

Check into money market accounts ,IRA’s , and other higher interest return resources to try to get the most from your money.

Dog grooming

#25 For a few simple and relatively inexpensive items you can setup your own doggie wash.45 ideas how to make money Dog Grooming for cash

A quick trim and wash and you can make some money.

You can hit the dog parks and pet stores nearest you.

Put out flyer at the mailboxes for your neighborhood to find your clientele.

Carpenter Builder

#26 If you are a talented carpenter or just like to work with wood or other materials has a hobby you can try selling your creations.

Free to list sites like and are perfect for selling self made creations with a very low overhead cost.

Car Repair

#27  Another good way to make money is to repair vehicles.

With some tools that you already own you can get steady work from neighbors and co-workers also friends and family.

As long as you have space in a driveway or garage you should be able to make a decent amount of money.

Yard Sale

#28 A yard sale is a great way to make space in your house and get rid of unwanted items and make some money as well.

Weekends are usually the best times to have a sale.

You can take advantage of free listings on sites like Craigslist to try and get the most traffic and make the most money.

Pool Cleaning

#29 Pool cleaning is one of the easiest self employed business opportunities there are.

Once you learn the chemical levels needed per gallon for water chemistry for chlorine pH levels and total alkalinity add the necessary to balance the water chemistry.

Then you can skim, brush and vacuum the pool clean.

With a steady clientele you could be making up to $10,000 a month during summer months.


#30 Fivver is a website that pays in increments of $5.00 for a service that range from writing to video and almost everything in between.

You create a profile and get gigs based on your resume.

The site is used by freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

Bike Repair

#31  Bike repair is a simple way to make easy money.

Most bikes either need a chain repair or something simple as an inner tube replaced.

Most bikes can be worked on with simple hand tools and you don’t need a lot of space to work.

If you have children or have children in your neighborhood you can get some steady customers.

Swap Meet

#32  Retail space at a swap meet is about as cheap as you can get if you have goods or a product to sell a good starting point would be the swap meet.

You get traffic without really advertising and can sell your goods without the stress of leasing a building.

The swap meet is a great starting point for any retail space if you’re short on start up money and carries very little risk.

Carpet and grout cleaning

#33 Carpet cleaning is a low cost to start up simple business.

All you really need is the carpet cleaner and cleaning chemical and you can start going to work.

Charge per room or do a flat rate cleaning you can also clean grout as an extra service to try and make the most money per job.

Laptop / Cellphone/ computer Repair

#34 If you have knowledge of repairing computers and or laptops why not do it as a business.

Usually electricians tools such as a multi-meter, soldering iron ,and precision screwdrivers are all you need to get started.

How many people do you know that has a cellphone or tablet that has a cracked screen?

Even if you have never done it before a YouTube video or a how to book can usually show you the basic information you need.

Learn more how to can start a carpet cleaning business here.


#35 Massage therapy can be a great self employment opportunity all you really need is strong hands a table, oils and towels.

Licensed therapist can make a good amount with a steady clientele and advertising can help your business grow.


#36 Childcare is one of the most needed jobs but you don’t have to be a teenager to cash in on parents that need their children looked after.

If you are a trusted person you can offer your time to parents that need child care regularly and make some relatively easy money.

As long as you have patience and can handle whining and or screaming you should be okay.

Driveway cleaning

#37 Most homeowners don’t have time to do their own upkeep of their property and usually hire out simple tasks.

With a de-greaser and a pressure washer or even just a hose and a hard brush you can hustle up some work around your neighborhood.

Car auctions

#38 Government and police auctions are a great way to obtain a vehicle for under book price.

Giving you room to make a profit by reselling.

Even if you are just looking to purchase personally or for a business vehicle you will still be saving money.

Tow yard auctions allow you to obtain vehicles for less on average.

Sometimes the vehicles are damaged or not operational at the time of sale.

That also raises your profit window in some cases because you are buying low.

If you are able to repair the damages can sell a lot higher than your buy-in costs.

House flipping

#39  When foreclosed homes go to auction there is a chance to get a great property and very low price.45 ideas how to make money home

Auction are usually sold unseen and bidders are not allowed inside.

Can’t even know anything about the property that is not public record.

Homes sold at auction are usually sold at a fraction of market value.

Some are in great condition and only need cosmetic repair.

Numerous television shows such as Flip This House and Property Brothers that are great examples of the success.

This field has brought in lot’s of new investors as well that are ready to make a deal.

House Cleaning

#40 Many people nowadays are very busy and have little time to get things done around their homes.

The startup cost is very low and you may already have all the items you need.


Start doing homes then maybe try to get an office building or two.

Offering seasonal deep cleaning is a great way to try and expand your clients.


#41 Selling on the Amazon marketplace is a great place to start a storefront that gives you access to millions of potential customers.

The possibilities of what you can sell are nearly endless and you can sell new or used products as well.

All without the overhead of an actual “brick and mortar” store.

Amazon itself started as a small online book store and now is a retail giant so anything is possible.


#42 Social media is everywhere and Facebook is still the gold standard, as far as social media goes.

 Almost everyone uses social media or at least checks on from time to time.

Social media is a great place to promote virtually any product or service basically for free.

Online Surveys

#43 Sites that will pay you for your opinion and experience with products are growing at a very fast rate.

Find a site that you trust and sign up for free and start making money.

Get paid for your opinion and sometimes to watch advertising or movie trailers.


#44  Social media is one of the best ways to reach people and without having to spend the money.

You can use it as a platform to promote almost any product or opinion free of charge.

This is how many people believe our new president won the election.

Sharing opinions  on Twitter gives a chance for recommend products from affiliate programs.

Finally  45


 ClickBank is a major distributer of books, software, games, investment, guides and anything you can think of.

If you where to publish a book that shows people something new or helpful this could be a goldmine.

Thank You For Reading My Free 45 Ideas How To Make Money and hope you enjoyed.

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